RET employs a full-line of highly trained field engineers and technologists who can apply the best practices and latest technology to acceptance testing, Commissioning, and start-up.

All Commissioning performed by RET is to the client's standards. We also assist our clients with the development of testing standards with reference to IEEE and ANSI. If desired, we can adhere to the InterNational Electrical Testing Association's (NETA) Acceptance and Maintenance Testing.

RET uses state-of-the-art computer operated test equipment to reduce Commissioning time and assemble accurate and unbiased test data. All of our equipment is calibrated annually.

RET can commission a wide range of complex high voltage substations including the following equipment:

RET provides clients with a full Commissioning plan prior to acceptance testing and you will receive a detailed test report indicating all of the analyzed results and findings after Commissioning. After commission/start-up, we can provide you with a full maintenance plan, offering you increased reliability and longevity in your equipment. We can also catalog all maintenance history and documents on our SharePoint System.

Summary of our major test equipment used for commissioing:

• Omicron (CMGPS)

• Omicron CPC 100

• Omicron CP-CU1

• Omicron 356 Relay Test Set

• Manta MTS-1710

• Mirrored Bit Test Sets

• Doble Frequency Response Analyzer

• Doble Power Factor M4100

• Megger CB-100 LV Cap & Dis

• Megger TTR3103P TTR

• Vangaurd Winding Resistance

• 100KV AC & DC Hipots

• HV/MV VLF Test Sets & Tan Delta

• Vangaurd - Digital CB Analyzer

• 1KV, 5KV & 10KV Meggers

• 10A & 100A Resistance Test Sets

• Breaker Primary Injection Test Set

• Battery Impedance Test Sets

• Ground Grid Resistance Test

• Vangaurd EZCT-2000C Plus

• Secondary Injection Test Sets


Feel free to inquire about our SF6 Gas services and equipment regarding fill, reclaiming, or testing.