Profile and History

With 35 years of experience with high voltage electrical utilities and power facilities, Nick Maher established Rising Edge Technologies in 2002. Our company culture builds on Nick’s focus: safety, the customer, and the people doing the work.

The company combines his decades of experience along with 20 years in project management and advisory roles for substation design, equipment specifications, construction, installation, testing and commissioning. From the start, Nick had a knack for finding people who share his commitment to customer service and investing in them.

RET offers project management, construction and field services to customers throughout North America. By implementing new technology, and maintaining and updating existing facilities, we help our customers effectively manage their electrical systems.

We know we play a pivotal role in our customers’ success, so we are committed to creating and maintaining excellent relationships. From the products we manufacture, to our dedicated customer service and support, we understand what’s important to you.

Our Mission

To provide safe, reliable, efficient services and strive to exceed customer expectations.

Our Vision

To be the most esteemed company in our industry.

Core Values

Core Values are the building blocks of our business and the reason for our repeated success. These benchmarks guide our thinking, determine our behaviour, and allow us to adapt to employee and customer needs.

Safety and Assurance is our top priority – Lives depend on it.

Healthy relationships with customers, business partners, and suppliers – Our business depends on it.

People – The heart of our business.

Innovation – Gives us our competitive advantage.

Financial Responsibility – Fair reward for our great business performance.

Integrity – We are proud of our reputation built on consistently doing the right thing.