Lack of maintenance on your electrical equipment can lead to catastrophic failures causing injury or loss of life.

Scheduled maintenance of your electrical equipment will reduce unplanned outages, increase the longevity of equipment, and decrease arc flash incident energy which all equate to increased revenue.

Rising Edge Technologies employs a full complement line of field engineers & technologists who can apply the best practices and latest technology when it comes to your maintenance requirement. Our staff can perform maintenance on an extensive variety of systems from a 480V Motor Control Centres to 500KV Utility Substations. We can also assist with developing a long term maintenance portfolio and link it to our SharePoint Resource allowing your staff instant access to maintenance schedules, past & present test reports, deficiencies, trending of past tests along with future maintenance budgets for your business.

Contact us today for any assistance required on a maintenance plan, schedule, budget and/or procedure.

Rising Edge’s Predicative Maintenance Includes

  • Visual inspection

  • Infrared/thermal scanning

  • Offline electrical testing

  • Current signature analysis

  • Transformer oil & gas analysis

  • Power quality and harmonic analysis

  • SF6 gas analysis

Maintenance of Standard Components in High Voltage & Medium Voltage Applications: