Rising Edge Technologies can handle the procurement, installation and commissioning of the most complex protection and control systems.

We own the latest test equipment manufactured by Omicron, AVO Biddle, Doble, Megger, Vanguard, Fluke, and others.

By using computer-operated equipment we reduce commissioning time and assemble accurate and unbiased test data. We regularly calibrate and test our equipment, as per the manufacturer and/or government regulations. Calibration data is on file at our head office, and is available on request.

Rising Edge Technologies employs a full line of qualified field technologists and shop technicians that can assist with, or build the following applications:

  • Auto transfer schemes
  • Differential protections
  • Frequency Protections and load shedding
  • Generator Protection Schemes
  • Out of Step Protection
  • Breaker Fail Schemes
  • Metering & AMI Installations
  • Reclosing Schemes
  • Auto Synchronizers & Sync. Check Relays
  • Ground Fault Protections
  • Transformer Protection
  • Bus Differential Protection
  • Tap Changer Controllers
  • Communication RTU’s & D2O’s
  • Digital Fault Recorders
  • End to End Line and Distance relays with satellite gear 
  • Digital Excitation and Power factor control Motor Protection