At the core of everything RET does is our commitment to the safety of our employees, subcontractors, and clients. Our comprehensive Health & Safety Program conforms to the best practices in our field.

RET employees receive annual orientations and frequent training as part of our commitment to safe work practices and continual improvement of our Health and Safety Program.

Any subcontractors performing work on our projects must conform to our policy as well as all applicable laws, regulations, bylaws, rules, and standards.

Our corporate policy establishes clear lines of responsibility for safety starting with senior management and channeling throughout the organization.

Our specific programs range from identified job training to mandatory attendance for ACSA Safety Training. We have a dedicated safety team consisting of CSO's/NCSO's.

RET Path to Safety…

Several years ago we developed and implemented a Safety Tool Kit that provides a detailed walk through of our safety plan. The Safety Tool Kit offers a step-by-step safety action plan, that meets, or exceeds, the client’s requirements.

The system offers one click access to our Site Leads for any necessary safety documentation, such as Pre-Start Checklists, Crew List, Site Emergency Response Plan(s), Site Hazard Assessment, Work Planning, Tool Box Meetings, Equipment & Tool Inspection, Incident, Near Miss Forms, etc…

The Safety Tool Kit also offers direct access to our extensive library of work procedures along with populating additional hazards found and an existing task or job site.  







For safety inquiries, contact:
Wayne Gilbert - Vice President HSE, NCSO
PH: 403-202-8751