Our shop technicians, electricians, and technologists bring their decades of field experience to our shop. They can provide quick solutions to your custom product or application.

When it comes to transformers, switchgear, and other power equipment, RET can provide you with repair services, refurbishments, custom designs, modifications, and retrofits. We have many resources for new and used electrical equipment throughout North America

If you have an emergency or a fast tracked project, RET gets you back on track with a quick turnaround of products and services.

We will provide you with reliable components and industrial custom enclosures or racks to meet your application, regardless of its specification or complexity.

Protection & Control Systems

  • Relay Protection & Control Systems

  • SCADA Systems

  • PLC Cabinets

  • Motor control systems

  • Pump Starters

  • Fan Starters

  • Power Take-Off (PTO)

  • T-Plates

  • Ground fault monitoring

  • Pilot wire monitoring

Custom manufactured Racks and NEMA 3R, 12, 4 or 4X Enclosures with optional cable entries and cable terminations.

All our products go through our extensive factory acceptance program.

All components used are CSA certified with option of final third party inspection, CSA/CUL certification.

Portable Electrical Buildings

  • Switchgear/MCC Buildings

  • VFD Buildings

  • Protection & Control Buildings

  • Communication Applications

  • Complete in-house engineering packages

  • Manufactured CDA A600 Certified Building standard UL/CSA Inspection Seal & Documentation

  • Engineering, design and installation of HVAC system(s).

  • Full equpiment procurement and installation of all lighting, distribution, protection, UPS systems, sensors, alarms, cable tray, grounding etc.

  • Quality assurance plan throughout the duration of the project along with ITP & correspnding project schedule.

  • Biweekly fabrication and documentation schedules.

  • Any transportation requirements; engineered lift plans, offloading and placement of building at final destination.

  • Full factory Acceptance Testing

  • Full CSA/CUL inspection & certification

  • Optional pricing for installation of building(s) and feild connections.

  • Optional commissioning and start-up assistance